Social Media Marketing

Social Media Consultancy

We will help you develop a strong social media strategy that will help you stand out. Our in-house marketing team will assist you in coming up with ideas for a brand new tagline, logo, and marketing strategy that can capture your target audience. Our professional social media consultants can meet you in person and discuss your needs. We are here to help you build your social media campaign from scratch.

Brand Management

Our brand management will help you find the right social media channel that will work best for your product.  We want your company to get noticed, to receive as many positive reviews from clients. Social media advertising is tough- but we can create a formula like no other to make sure you emerge on top.

Social Tone & Nature

The way people respond in social media is very different from traditional print and TV ads.  This is why we will help you create an authentic social tone and voice. Brands have to be genuine, creative and relative- when it comes to marketing image is everything. Let us help you create a trustworthy image. Our team of experts will help you create the right voice and style that will match your business.

Social Media Monitoring

We have the ability to listen to your clients, what are they saying about your company, how they feel and think. We can help you determine what customers think of your brand. This will ensure that you are always in touch with what is happening. Effective market research is key to making sure that you will remain relevant online.

Social PR

We will help you reach authority publishers, bloggers, journalists and top social media influencers online. In this way, we can help spread the word about your products and services using an organic method both offline and online. We will share your website content with people who matter- we will improve the ability of your company to network

Creative Discussion

Our expert social media strategists will formulate fast, and reactive updates to current events that will help your company hit the mark. Let us help you be the most interesting product out there.

Reporting & Analysis

We will provide on time social media reporting, that will help you understand how your marketing campaign is doing using various marketing channels. IMARK International can ensure that you will be heard- by the right audience- to convert it into measurable sales.

Social Media Marketing Services

Reach your audience. We publish and promote your content where your target market or audience wherever they are.
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