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IMARK SEO has proven techniques, which IMARK International has been doing perfectly for over a decade now. Its signature SEO strategies are exclusively performed by the team of SEO experts in Asia. This is the top and leading SEO agency chosen by big brands and ecommerce businesses in Asia.

Note: Local SEO, National SEO, and International SEO packages are to be executed in, at least, a 6-month agreement to achieve the best results. The strategy involves production of high-quality informative articles by English writers and building of keyword links from authority websites hosted separately in various countries, which is managed by Link Builders.

Ranking movement is estimated to be seen on search results from 3-6 months. It takes approximately 9-12 months to get the keyword on the first page of the search results.

SEO Packages from IMARK

SEO Packages from IMARK drive profitable traffic to your website.

Our team of SEO experts is dedicated to optimizing search engine results pages each day, resulting in higher ranking of keywords, higher volume of traffic, and a dramatic increase in conversions of visits into sales.

  • Local SEO. This package ranks keywords within your states, cities, provinces, regions, or even smaller communities such as suburbans, subdivisions, or villages.
  • National SEO. This package ranks keywords within your country, such as,,,,,, etc.
  • International SEO. This package ranks keywords in global search results pages (SERPs), such as
Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase


IMARK SEO, the prime SEO service provider of IMARK International, performs search engine optimization procedure in accordance with IMARK’s Advanced and Exclusive SEO Guide for Content Writers and Link Builders, a comprehensive book that contains SEO policy and more than a thousand rules based on Google Webmaster Guidelines and Algorithms they release on a regular basis.
  • Content Production. This is the first requirement. Without articles, optimizing search engine results is difficult. SEO is not about links and links and links. It's all about content or articles that promote or talk about your business where certain words or descriptions or product names are highlighted and linked to your official business website.
  • Link Building. This is the second requirement in optimizing search engine results. Every article created MUST HAVE a link to your official business website. This is the only way people googling about your products and services can find you and get to your website where they can make purchases and orders.

Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services

Our Content Writers produce articles for the official business website and other external sites, which will be used for off-page optimization.
Our SEO experts install all technical elements required into your official business website, i.e., SEO plugins, Analytics, keywords, link structures, etc.
Our Link Builders upload all articles about your business to other websites where these websites can be linked to your official business website.

Website & Niche Analysis

Let us check your website to see how it ranks now among its competitors. We'll recommend which package is needed for your SEO campaigns. Provide us the link of your website including the list of your major keywords.
IMARK SEO Team sets up the following prior to running SEO campaigns.
  1. Perform website and niche analysis.
  2. Competitive Research and Keyword Research & Mapping. Perform an intensive competitive research to identify keywords used by competitors as well as external websites where they rank on search results. We will get the number of keywords used by every competitor, the number of links built for every competitor, and all the domains where these competitors rank on the search results.
  3. Identify high-competitive keywords, which get the most number of visits on Google. Google Keyword Planner will be used here.
  4. Present to the client the comparison table with recommendation, and give the client time to decide which keyword or keywords will be used for SEO campaigns.
  5. Analytics Setup & Implementation. Once keyword(s) is/are chosen, Google Analytics account will be set up and GA code will be installed into the website.
  6. Meta Data Setup & Implementation. Meta Title, Description, and Keywords will be added to every page of the website.
  7. Sitemap Activation. Sitemap will be generated.
  8. Search Console Setup & Implementation. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) will be set up.
  9. Analytics & Search Console Association. Google Search Console will be connected to Google Analytics.
  10. Sitemap Submission on Search Console. Sitemap will be submitted to Google via Search Console.
  11. Present to the client the plan, which includes Goals, KPIs, Action Plans, and KPIs will include Keyword Count with Bimonthly Keyword Ranking based on SerpBook, Website Traffic, and Leads. The client will receive bimonthly reports on the 16th day of the month and the 1st day of the following month to see the progress of work.
Once the plan is approved by the client, execution will start as follows.
  1. On-page SEO. IMARK SEO team will produce high-quality non-plagiarized articles with zero grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistake. These articles will be uploaded to the official business website for SEO purposes. They will be used as landing pages or target pages by external websites or the various networks of websites used for off-page SEO.
  2. Channels (Listing of External Websites). IMARK SEO team will maintain an exclusive list of external websites, which will serve as sources of inbound links for The list will include  channels like: Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ads, Document Sharing, Video Sharing, Blogging, Press Release, etc.
  3. Content Production. Content Writers of IMARK SEO team will produce high-quality non-plagiarized articles with zero grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistake. These articles will be written creatively based on the requirements of the channels or external websites. Each of the articles will be uploaded to an external website with target keyword linking to Each external website must not have more than 1 link to, so production of unique content for hundreds of websites will be massive. The goal is to outperform the competitors by outnumbering their links from external websites. Only then will outrank competitors.
  4. Link Building. Link Builders of IMARK SEO team will upload articles (Refer to 3. Content Production) to the list of external websites (Refer to 2. Channels) based on the plan, which includes details of how many links per day, what time each article is to be uploaded, what IP address to set for uploading each content. Every activity will be taken care of in accordance with the correct plan to optimize Google search results in a natural way.
  5. Reporting. Reports will be sent to the client on a bimonthly basis to keep everyone informed of work in progress and the results.
Sally W.
There's one thing that IMARK is most excellent at, and it's their digital marketing strategies. They really know how to optimize searches and links from one site to another in a natural manner, which increased our sales dramatically to 230% monthly since 2014. Kent from the SEO team delivers and exceeds my expectations..
Sally W.
Managing Director, United Kingdom

IMARK SEO Packages & Pricing

Local SEO
Local SEO
  • Up to 5 Primary Focus Keywords
  • Up to 50 Keyword Links
  • -
  • Semantic + Technical SEO
  • Setup Fee costs $500


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National SEO
National SEO
  • Up to 7 Primary Focus Keywords
  • Up to 70 Keyword Links
  • -
  • Semantic + Technical SEO
  • Setup Fee costs $500


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International SEO
International SEO
  • Up to 10 Primary Focus Keywords
  • Up to 100 Keyword Links
  • -
  • Semantic + Technical SEO
  • Setup Fee costs $500


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All packages have content written by Content Writers.

All articles written are uploaded to “authority" websites managed by Link Builders.

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