By joining our Reseller Program, our business is your business and our products are your products. We earn, you earn. Everything you need to sell websites, hosting and more, right from your own website.


Resell our products with your brand.


Build your online storefront.

Your store should look like it’s yours. Create a storefront that feels like your business.


Set your own prices.

Don’t just get a commission, set your own margins and price products your way.


IT professionals and web developers welcome.

You know how IT works and how your customers want to do business. We help put them together. If you’re a web developer and don’t want to work too much on Systems Administration tasks like WHM, cPanel, and maintaining regular backups and security measures, join the team of IMARK International. Get your clients’ websites hosted and managed by IMARK Systems Administrators while you only work on their websites. Set your own price on websites while you still get Developer’s Fee from IMARK. Partner with us!


It’s your business. Let it shine.

Your business isn’t just an IMARK clone, so why should it look that way?  Now you can create an entirely unique experience for your customers that gives them the tools they need to succeed.


Let’s talk about money. Lots of it.

While other reseller programs may talk about commission rates, ours stands out from the crowd. Here you can set your own margins. That’s right, you pick and choose how much money you make off each product. It feels good to have that power, right?


Merchant account? What merchant account?

There’s no need to go through the hassle of establishing your own payment processing account. Instead, you can use ours, which means there’s one less thing for you to worry about. IMARK takes care of the payment, and you automatically get it through your own personal bank.


Upselling made easy.

Want to upsell your customers into something bigger and better? We can do that for you, bringing in more income for your business. It’s like having a salesman on your team that works for free, but without the horrible aftershave.