IMARK Outsourcing Philippines

IMARK Outsourcing Philippines provides BPO services (contact centers, back office services, data transcription, animation, software development, engineering development, game development, and other IT services) for companies worldwide.

STAFF LEASING: IMARK assists its overseas clients and/or partners from selecting a dream team to product training.

Webmastering started at IMARK in 1997, which gave birth to many advertising and digital marketing services in 2002

In 2005, its founders established a local telemarketing office in Metro Manila. And in 2007, they worked with a US-based company providing call center services. In 2011, a Spanish call center was set up. 

In late 2019, IMARK started sealing contracts with new business owners in America and Europe, expanding its call center outsourcing services managed by Filipino English and Spanish speakers.

MARKETING & CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Telesales, Customer Service, Live Chat Support, Content Moderation, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing

ICT & CREATIVE SERVICES: IT Support (System/Network Admin, Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboards, Quality Assurance Testing

BACK OFFICE SUPPORT: Data Processing, Accounting, HR Support, Personal Assistant, Medical Billing, Insurance Support, Lawyers & Paralegals, Real Estate, Management & Administration

DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, OTHER INDUSTRIES: Engineering, CAD Creation & Conversion, Quantity Estimation, Architects, Geologists, Logistics & Transport, Big Data Specialists & Scientists, Recruiters