#1 Online Reputation Management Company in Asia

The #1 Online Reputation Management Company, Top & Leading ORM Agency in Asia

Online Reputation Management or ORM is the management or facilitation of perceptions, feedback, or reviews about an individual, a personality or celebrity, or a corporate entity through production of reliable reviews and testimonies from reputable profiles on social media and on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

ORM is also called Corporate Reputation Management or Brand Reputation Management.

IMARK ORM is Asia’s #1 Online Reputation Management service provider that works with Asia’s largest brands in terms of public relations and digital marketing

With IMARK’s decades-long experience and expertise on SEO and Content Marketing, ORM Team of IMARK International helps businesses maintain a positive brand identity to outrank competition on Google search results and on other review aggregators. 

Online Reputation Management Using Promotions

We will help you achieve your brand’s business objectives. Through well executed social media promotions. Our social media managers and PR writers can turn your customers into fans and brand advocates.

Blog Design, Setup, and Optimization

While you can freely create just about any blog online, if you do this incorrectly, it will simply be a waste of time. IMARK digital marketing content writers can help you attract quality readers. We will work with you in maximizing the potential of your blogging platform. We will optimize your blog to make it effective as a marketing tool. We do this, through the use of blog strategy development.

Brand Strategy Development

We will help you create a blog strategy that reflects your corporate or personal brand, and we will help you create an online community to help you establish brand awareness.

Hire Social Media Influencer or Blogger

If you want to hire a social media influencer, social media specialist or blogger, but do not know how to evaluate them, you can approach us. Allow our team to help you review the candidates to find the suitable fit for your company.

Build Clear and Solid Brand Identity with IMARK

IMARK International is an expert when it comes to handling crisis management or online reputation management.

If you experience bad product reviews and negative criticisms from customers online, we can help you resolve the issue.

Our community management, strategy, and analytics can create positive content for you. Whether you need a preemptive crisis and escalation plan, a few days of the strategic move, or just more eyes to make sure that you can handle complaints, we can build an experienced team to help you through the process.

  • Brand Reputation Management Services. We protect your brand against bad reviews and feedback by fake customers and business competitors! IMARK protects you from attacks and repairs existing damages to your brand's reputation online. 
  • Reputation Management Services for Corporations. Corporations usually get negative comments and bad publicity online. IMARK cleans up the mess and defends your company against future attacks to your business reputation online. IMARK ensures that search engines and social media continue to show up all positive reviews and feedback about your company.
  • Reputation Management for Celebrities and VIPs. While you get more followers, more likes, and more searches on social media and on search engines, IMARK places relevant content about you on lifestyle blogs, news websites, and featured articles. Whether your goal is protect your privacy, boost positive content, refute rumors, or increase online visibility, IMARK ensures your followers and everyone searching for you will only see the content you want to feed them.
  • Hotel / Restaurant Reputation Management Services. IMARK builds a positive reputation for your hotel or restaurant by promoting positive reviews and deleting and/or managing negative feedback. 
  • Hospital Reputation Management Services. IMARK builds your reputation as an experienced and ethical medical practitioner or hospital.