Media Partners

IMARK International is proud and happy to work with the following media partners that bring us customers and write stories of success for all our customers’ businesses.

At IMARK, we value so much our business partnership not only with investors and international clients, but also with the network of advertisers, bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, and everyone that work with us and with our clients.


Kali is a digital marketing platform, composed of a group of elite writers in Asia. The website is one of the highest ranking SEO and website pages in the Philippines that helps companies deliver their message across the target audience and the world using high-quality and well-written articles.


Executive Digital MarketingExecutive Digital Marketing is an exclusive provider of social media marketing and video marketing to high-end brands and top corporations in Metro Manila. With the team’s nine years of expertise in running ad campaigns on social media sites and with their state-of-the-art equipment in producing Hollywood-like marketing videos, Executive Digital Marketing became the most sought-after social media marketing and video marketing service provider among exclusive networks of business elite in the Philippines.


ICNetSys Incicnetsys is the Philippine provider of a wide range of Internet solutions from software development to ecommerce and digital marketing for various industries, including real estate, banking and finance, retail, insurance, automotive, fast food, tourism, gaming, media & entertainment, and retail & consumer-product manufacturers.

This is a huge network of online service providers across the Philippines that started B2B operations online in 2008.



If your company would like to partner with us or become a partner in digital marketing, please email us at

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