IMARK Group of Freelancers

Join IMARK Group of Freelancers to work with the top and leading companies that pay higher than the minimum and average cost of the project or salary for the job. Select and accept an offer. Work closely and directly with the employer. An online workplace that pays better than the rest.

If you’re a professional and wish to be part of this exclusive job portal, we require you to send us your CV that contains full history of your employment, job descriptions in detail including people you worked and work with as well as monthly compensations and other incentives, successful projects done, achievements, project data, and all types of information. The more information you provide, the higher points you will get – and these points will determine whether or not you are the right person for the job. Include your application letter and a five-minute video of you discussing why we should hire you. Start selling yourself now.

Once you pass our screening standards, IMARK International and its partners will send you a job offer without getting you online or onsite for an interview with the companies’ HR managers.

Send all requirements at