Facebook Chatbot Philippines

Facebook Chatbot Philippines is one of the automated products powered by IMARK AI, which runs on Facebook Messenger and the website.

What makes IMARK Facebook Chatbot stand out among the rest?

With this list below, IMARK Facebook Chatbot is obviously the winner.

  • Most, if not all, chatbot providers only provide the platform where the companies can create programs from scratch while IMARK Facebook Chatbot has a bank of data where IMARK AI learns and fetches the data for the customers. In other words, while other providers let you create your own chatbots or FAQs and answers, IMARK Facebook Chatbot on the other hand already has answers to the questions that customers may ask on Facebook page and IMARK Facebook Chatbot continuously learns and perfects its conversations with your customers automatically.
  • IMARK Facebook Chatbot communicates with customers not in a robotic way, but in a Filipino way in which chatbot talks like a normal Filipino customer service representative. Unlike other chatbots, IMARK AI understands English, Tagalog, Taglish, and other Filipino dialects nationwide.
  • IMARK databank contains billions of data from local and international digital resources, including data that you can never find using search engines. The databank contains information of products and services including data that may belong to your competitors (the data is only used to train the Artificial Intelligence to master communications or conversations with customers).
  • IMARK AI implements big data analytics where it analyzes the data and decides accurately which data will be given to the customers.
  • IMARK AI automatically sorts data using algorithms exclusively developed for IMARK AI.
  • IMARK AI automatically works and carries out its tasks in a secure procedure and environment where data are never accessed by any unauthorized individual or bot that may infiltrate the system. Privacy and confidentiality are the top priorities at IMARK, and this is why the company invests too much in cryptography or security.
  • ICNetSys software engineers, data scientists, and tech experts continuously develop many technology products for commercial purposes to support the corporations in automating business operations and processes.

Case Studies

  • Retail Company. Facebook chatbot deployed in a Philippine-based shopping website for apparels and accessories serves approximately 3 million followers on the brand’s Facebook page. Current monthly avg. income is approximately ₱800,000 after chatbot was launched in January 2017. Last year’s monthly avg. income was approximately ₱400,000. Monthly income has been doubled.
  • Retail Company. Facebook chatbot deployed in a Philippine-based shopping website for smartphones automates processes like taking orders, tracking orders, and requesting cancellation of orders. With Facebook chatbot, customers now place orders 24/7/365 through Facebook Messenger conveniently without going to the website or sending emails anymore.
  • Retail Company. In the previous years, this Filipino company selling apparels and accessories on Facebook Page with millions of followers was getting thousands of inquiries per week, but most inquiries were answered late, which drove more customers away for unanswered product inquiries. Since mid-2017, the company deployed IMARK Facebook Chatbot that led to a dramatic increase of sales because all inquiries now are answered automatically with order form and automatic redirection to the payment page without letting customers reach other competitors for pricing and possible purchases.

IMARK Facebook Chatbot Plans & Pricing


No. of Questions




₱500/month per FB Page

Small Biz


₱1,000/month per FB Page

Medium Biz


₱2,000/month per FB Page

Large Biz


₱3,000/month per FB Page



₱5,000/month per FB Page

Add-on: Acquire leads from comments

₱1,500/month per FB Page

Add-on: Broadcast to all leads from organic (users that message FB page) and leads from comments (bot automatically messages user that comments on an FB post). All these leads can get a broadcast, e.g., “Black Friday Announcement & Deals”

₱3,000/month per FB Page


  • The question “Do you have a new promo after Christmas?” is considered 1 question, including its variants, e.g., “What’s the promo today?”, “What promo can you offer?”, “Any promo?”
  • The question “How much does the Product 1 cost?” is another question not related to the promo.
  • Pricing may increase anytime for new customers. If, for example, you made a purchase of AI for ₱5,000/month and the monthly price suddenly becomes ₱10,000/month, your monthly bill would always be ₱5,000/month forever unless you decided to deactivate the AI, which means you would pay for the new monthly price by the time you decided to reactivate the AI on your Facebook page.

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