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Customized Web Design for Real Estate Brokers, Car & Bank Loan Companies, Credit Card Companies, Travel Agencies, Insurance Companies, Suppliers, and other Sales Agents

IMARK Web Design manages hundreds of customized web design or websites owned by real estate brokers, realty firms, car and bank loan companies, credit card companies, travel agencies, insurance companies, suppliers, and other sales agents across the country.

It’s not the cheapest cost of “customized web design” package that they’re going after but the way customer service is handled by our team that they like the most—a smiling team of developers, a happy team of designers, and a humorous team of digital marketing executives… and the good-looking people in the team.


Package Inclusions

This is what you get when you take “customized web design” package.


Domain + Hosting + SSL

You can choose your own domain name. This can be or or any other names of your choice that may represent you or your gig. We’ll buy this for you.

We have different servers across the globe, including CDN (Content Distribution Network). We know where to keep your website more secure and load fast. No worries, we got this for you.

Because it is necessary for websites to run on a secure URL, the site will be hosted on Websites that are running on http will not be ranked on top of Google search results when new websites running on https begin to compete with them.


Unlimited Themes

Customized web design package allows you to browse all themes available and select one you like to use for the website. In this package, you can request changes or anything you want to add to the site except add-ons.


Google Analytics + SEO Setup

When your website is up and running, we need to know who are the visitors and where they come from and other demographics data needed for marketing and site improvement purposes. This is why we install Google Analytics. Both of us will have access to it. If you don’t know how it’s used, we can teach you. Once Analytics is set up, we’ll connect this to Google Search Console where we can update our website sitemap on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In this package, we’ll install and set up Yoast SEO for you. It’s the #1 WordPress SEO plugin that makes our websites crawlable by Google and social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Onpage SEO

We’ll optimize the content of your site by asking you to upload certain articles and/or images we need or by making some changes in the text or adding certain text or labels in the content. If you can’t produce content by yourself, you can buy an add-on from us, and our writers will provide you content already optimized based on your website’s requirements.

In addition, we’ll manage internal links of the site by properly linking one page to another.

We’ll also identify keywords appropriate for your website so people googling about the content of your website will easily find you.


Ads on Partnered Websites

We have hundreds of partnered websites built for different niches or industries where we can advertise your products or services for free. We’ll use your website logo or create a banner ad, then put it somewhere on our partnered websites. When visitors go there and see it, they’ll click on it and get to your website.


Social Media Marketing

Of course, we can’t leave your website unheard and unpopular after we built it extremely impressive. We’ll create some noise. We’ll promote it on hundreds of social media accounts we manage. Over the year, we will advertise you and promote your website on our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn and Google Plus. This will also help you get more visitors on your site.


IT & Development Support (Website Maintenance)

When you encounter an error while accessing the website, let us know and we’ll rectify it.

If you want to make changes in your website, including but not limited to text alignment and labels, let us know and we’ll get it done for you anytime without additional cost.


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