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Asia's #1 Advertising Company with Largest Agency Ad Accounts on Facebook and Google

, the #1 Advertising Agency in Asia, is a one-stop advertising solution for marketers, advertisers, and publishers.

Chosen by affiliates running ads for different verticals such as nutra (weight loss, male enhancement, vitamins & proteins), cryptocurrencies, online casino, binary options, ecom, adult, gaming, health & beauty (skin care, cosmetics), sweepstakes, etc., we’re the only Ad Network that allows ads without restrictions. 

Get your ads seen strategically by millions of Internet users through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and on top 100,000 websites that get millions of visits per month.

With 100K+ IMARK-managed websites each of which gets 100K+ to 100M+ visits per month, we don’t restrict ads only to specific industries. We work with every industry. If Google does not accept your ad, we have other platforms where your ads can show up.

IMARK International has been doing this perfectly for over a decade now. Its media buying techniques and PPC strategies are exclusively performed by the team of Ad experts in Asia. This is the top and leading advertising agency chosen by big brands and ecommerce businesses throughout Asia.

Ad Services from IMARK

IMARK Ads gives you access to the prime network of the high-performing local, regional, national, and international ad inventory across Asia.

Advertise on the websites with monthly visitors averaging from 100K+ to 100M+ through media buying.

Advertise on social media websites through top Influencers with millions of followers engaging directly with the Influencers’ promotions, endorsements, and advocacy.

  • Media Buying. Place your banner ads or native ads on all areas of the website where visibility to visitors is 100%. IMARK partners with over top 1,000 websites getting 100K+ up to 100M+ visitors per month.
  • Pay-Per-Click. Get your ads seen on advertising giants where high-quality conversion rates is 99%. Advertise with IMARK on:
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Amazon Advertising
  • Social Media Influencers. Let the most popular and powerful Influencers endorse your products and services to millions of their followers through their social media accounts and/or their websites.
  • Premium Website Traffic. Get instant visitors by promoting your website or webpage on IMARK network of web surfers around the world.