About IMARK International

The Story About IMARK

Founded in 2008 as an elite organization of a small group of high-caliber webmasters working since 1997 from the US, the UK, Spain, India, the Philippines, and Australia, where governance has been traditionally rotating, IMARK now has grown into a full-service marketing agency. In 2020, it is the world’s largest multifaceted network of privately-held international agencies focused on marketing and technology in the upper middle market. It has been dubbed as “one-stop global shop" for providing any service needed by HNW & UHNW luxury brands, political organizations, advocacy groups, multinational corporations, and small & medium-sized enterprises across the world.

IMARK is not your typical company. Like a family-owned business, everyone at IMARK is a member of the family, thus lives and works in residential houses across the globe and earns shares unlike traditional corporate setup. Because IMARK is a cofounding member organization of a government-like institution, everyone in the company is entitled to retirement benefits.

IMARK, although managed and controlled by private individuals, spends most of the net income on charitable activities with its nonprofit organizations benefiting God’s people in Matthew 25:31-46 (those who are hungry, those who are thirsty, those who are strangers, those who are naked, those who are sick, and those who are in prison) as well as choirs & orchestras and theatrical performers of classical plays for religious and luxury events; farmers of organic food & beverage; museums & art galleries; libraries & historical societies; and non-formal education for children of financially-challenged families in provincial and remote areas across the globe. It means that more than 50% of what you pay for the services performed by IMARK for you or for your company or business goes directly to the poor and educational institutions.

IMARK provides everything commercial from developing custom state-of-the-art technologies that support businesses worldwide to managing seamless omnichannel experience solutions using smart multichannel marketing with enterprise-level integrated Advertising and intelligent Digital Marketing focused on customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth through data acquisition, data analysis, predictive data analytics, behavioral psychology, innovative advertisements, and interactive marketing campaigns.

IMARK has been in the online advertising industry for more than a decade now. In 2011, the elite webmasters started Affiliate Marketing in the U.S. and Europe managing B2C campaigns that initially generated over $1 billion in revenue. As a result, in 2016 they sealed exclusive B2B partnerships and performed B2C campaigns with product owners and manufacturers from Asia.

Today, with its decade-long experience in integrated marketing of brands and almost all products imaginable, IMARK provides B2B/B2C/B2E/B2G services globally, trusted by high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth brands and multinational corporations in Asia as well as political organizations and advocacy groups.

IMARK works with the best and the brightest.

The network is founded by elite webmasters or the so-called jack of all trades who were once “the only kings in the online realm” even before Google started developing and launching their algorithm updates, thus IMARK keeps high-caliber people and continues to produce visionary problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

IMARK is passionate about revolutionizing all conventional or traditional methodologies with modern technologies and systematic approach. The network is committed to developing bold solutions to achieve its vision to be the biggest provider of technology and digital marketing platforms that connect businesses to their customers and target audience through its mission to provide a wide range of Internet solutions from technology development to digital marketing.

  1. Aug, 2008
    Foundation of IMARK by Elite Webmasters

    IMARK started in 2008 as a small group of high-caliber webmasters working since 1997 from the US, the UK, Spain, India, the Philippines, and Australia, where governance of the network has been traditionally rotating.

    In 2000, the group started producing hundreds of websites to generate hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of leads per niche and run email marketing campaigns that resulted in 90%+ open rates and 70%+ sales conversion rates by 2007, one year prior to the founding of their organization called IMARK—a portmanteau of Internet Marketing.

  2. Nov, 2009
    Launch of Subscription Websites

    IMARK launched project “Downloads,” which produced hundreds of subscription sites targeting online entrepreneurs to sign up with the sites to download educational ebooks and audiobooks.

    It's the year when the elite webmasters spent most of their time and effort to manipulate SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) on Google to rank all ebook and audiobook sites on every keyword related to ebook and audiobook topics. Their popularity among clients & partners and link builders earned them the title “SEO Gurus in Asia and Europe.”

  3. Jan, 2010
    Launch of Academic Writing Services

    IMARK launched project “Academic Writing Services,” an outsourcing business, which produced hundreds of academic writing sites targeting university students and professors in America and Europe to sign up with the sites to outsource their custom essays, theses, and dissertations.

    It's the year when IMARK established the international writing center named ATHENÆVM Writers to provide high-quality writing services, which became IMARK’s content writing arm in 2013.

  4. Jan, 2011
    Launch of Affiliate Marketing

    IMARK started partnering with product owners and manufacturers in Asia.

    The group established its own Affiliate Marketing Network, a super exclusive network organized only for 7ers or the 7-digit USD earners. These Seveners earned at least 7-digit USD per day.

    In addition, IMARK started supporting charitable activities in the Philippines, India, and parts of Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

  5. Apr, 2012
    Creation of Media Inventory

    IMARK started creating and maintaining media inventory for media planning and media buying.

    IMARK has been acquiring and maintaining inventory of hundreds of thousands of websites offering online ad slots.

    IMARK has also been acquiring and maintaining inventory of thousands of ad slots throughout Asia with its OOH (Out-of-home) Advertising Agency, which continues to partner with venue and building owners.

  6. Feb, 2013
    Partnership with Government & Private Companies

    IMARK started providing B2B services to other agencies and private companies worldwide through its newly organized team of technologists and digital marketing strategists.

    IMARK started partnering with HNW & UHNW brands.

    In Asia, IMARK started working with government agencies, political figures, and advocacy groups by managing their political campaigns online, philanthropies, and online reputation management.

  7. Apr, 2014
    Launch of Big Data Analytics

    IMARK developed and launched big data analytic software programs used for target audience profiling, data analysis, and advertising & digital marketing campaigns.

    The group started working with Data Analysts and Data Engineers.

    IMARK used big data to support political and advocacy campaigns through data acquisition, data analysis, predictive data analytics, behavioral psychology, and innovative & interactive ads.

  8. Feb, 2015
    Launch of Video Influencer Marketing

    IMARK created a video production team for video series and video influencer marketing.

    The group started working with big brands throughout Asia and released different short film series endorsing products and services.

  9. Feb, 2016
    Launch of Consultancy & Training

    IMARK created a team dedicated to providing technology and digital marketing consultancy.

    IMARK also created another team dedicated to providing technology and digital marketing training for individuals, private companies, and other agencies.

  10. Jan, 2017
    Launch of Innovative Ad Technologies

    IMARK launched innovative and revolutionary advertising technologies such as drone light show, orbital display, and AI-powered machine learning technologies.

  11. Feb, 2018
    Asia's Premier "Jack of All Trades" Agency

    IMARK has become Asia's most favorite agency, trusted by high-net-worth brands and multinational corporations in Asia as well as political organizations and advocacy groups.

    This multifaceted network of international agencies is focused on Technology & Web Design and Advertising & Digital Marketing.

  12. Feb, 2019
    Partnership with HNWIs & UHNWIs

    IMARK started partnering with high-net-worth individuals and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

    The group has been providing ultra-premium technology products and digital marketing services targeting the same market, the 1% as well as the 1% of the 1%.

  13. Jun, 2020
    Half-Trillion-Dollar Milestone

    IMARK generated more than 500 billion USD earnings for all clients and partners combined. Most revenues are from HNW & UHNW products and services during the global COVID-19 pandemic when demand for luxury concierge (ultra-luxury and ultra-exclusivity) and consulting brokerage suddenly increased.

    Other earnings are from these businesses: IT services, consulting & brokerage, tourism (hospitality & leisure), manufacturing, real estate, BPO, retail, renewable energy, and agriculture.

Step 1. IMARK finds your customers or your target audience

through data acquisition, data analysis, predictive data analytics, behavioral psychology, innovative advertisements, and interactive marketing campaigns.

Step 2. IMARK acquires and analyzes your customers’ data.

Each user is profiled with up to 1,000 or up to 3,000 or up to 5,000 or up to 10,000 data points. IMARK's core database contains information on demographics, consumer and lifestyle habits, political affiliation, as well as unique psychographic information on motivation and decision-making.

Step 3. IMARK predicts your customers’ behavioral psychology.

IMARK's psychographic analysis is a powerful and unique tool for gaining a deeper knowledge of your target customers by revealing the core personality traits and motivations that drive behavior or move them to action.

Step 4. IMARK runs digital marketing campaigns targeting your customers.

Collaborate with IMARK's full-service in-house integrated advertising, intelligent digital marketing team, and world-class technology & web design team.

Step 5. IMARK moves your customers to action.

IMARK delivers the right messages to the target customers through innovative advertisements and interactive marketing campaigns, making them take your desired and expected action.

Our Vision

IMARK aims to be the biggest provider of technology and omnichannel marketing platforms that connect businesses to their customers, entities to their target audience, and individuals to their target groups or organizations.