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Short Story About Our Company

IMARK International provides a wide range of Internet solutions from software development to ecommerce and digital marketing for various industries, including real estate, banking and finance, retail, insurance, automotive, fast food, tourism, gaming, media & entertainment, and retail & consumer-product manufacturers.

IMARK International is an exclusive digital marketing service provider for member companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We’re still expanding.

Our company keeps high-caliber people and continues to produce visionary problem solvers and innovative thinkers. We are passionate about revolutionizing all conventional or traditional methodologies with our modern technologies and systems. We are committed to developing bold solutions.

  1. Aug, 2008
    Foundation of IMARK

    IMARK started in 2008 as a group of Affiliate Marketers in the U.S. and Europe performing B2C services.

  2. Jan, 2011
    Partnership in Asia

    IMARK started partnering with product owners and manufacturers in Asia.

    IMARK held various offices across the globe with foreign clients managed by their nearest local IMARK offices. Clients from the U.S. were managed by a team in New York. Clients from the UK were managed by a team in London. Clients from Asia were managed by a team in Manila.

    The network built satellite teams worldwide while the network only served as the brand or a reputable company that would serve exclusively to member clients.

  3. Feb, 2013
    Partnership With Agencies

    IMARK started providing B2B services to other agencies worldwide.

  4. Jan, 2017
    Digital Marketing Company in Asia

    Today, IMARK International is an Asia's premier Integrated Advertising Agency with Intelligent Digital Marketing solutions. World-class Technology & Web Design Company. Trusted SEO Agency.

    Experts in Ecommerce, Mobile Apps, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Branding, Social Media / Social Video / Mobile Marketing, Artificial Intelligence…

We create digital products

We keep developing websites and apps with different revenue models, i.e., subscription, pay-per-use, single purchase, premium, license fees, advertisement, affiliate, commission, and other methods to monetize such projects. Individual business owners or corporate entities can partner with us in terms of capitalization and revenues. Or they can own the websites and solely earn the revenues by paying our ideas plus labor. Or they can consult us, business development executives, while paying for consultation services.

We run marketing campaigns

Websites and apps we develop get easily noticed online, make some noise, and become the talk on the web. We have our social media marketing executives, SEO gurus, and PPC experts that do the job. If you already have sites or other projects, let us manage marketing and we'll help your products grab everyone's attention online.

We monetize every project

We've been in this industry for over a decade now, and developing sites and apps isn't just for fun but our focus is on making profits. We ensure that each project will generate money through the various methods we implement in every website or app.

Earn ROI with partners

This is a network of both entrepreneurs and business managers, meaning not only you can partner with us to outsource your projects but also you can partner with us to connect you to other entrepreneurs who may be interested to invest in your projects and vice versa. Whatever agreement your parties may come up with, that's your business and our job is to ensure that we provide you with all the stuff you need.

Outsource within the network

As mentioned above, this is a network of business managers where you can have your projects developed, managed, and monetized. Our exclusive list of manpower resources will connect you to the managers of the highest caliber and both on-site and freelance workers.

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World-Class Customer Service
IMARK International has the best customer service representatives in the world, a group of Filipino CSRs that serve 24/7/365.
Dream Team
IMARK International keeps an exclusive network of manpower resources and people of the highest caliber across the world.
Fastest Performance
IMARK International has never delayed to deliver products beyond the deadline. The team works 24/7/365 on a rotational schedule.

Our Vision

IMARK International aims to be the biggest provider of technology platforms that connect businesses to their customers while providing a wide range of Internet solutions from software development to ecommerce and digital marketing for all industries worldwide.